Inspired by the colours of Australia

 About our Ningaloo Blue Colour

Mukha’s Ningaloo Blue draws inspiration from the marine sanctuary & waters of WA’s iconic Ningaloo Reef. It invites serene depths, wonder, expansiveness & a deeper connection to both yourself & the natural world.

It pays homage to the profound interconnectedness of all life & the ultimate goal of yoga, being union, with “yoga” itself meaning union or connection. Like the ocean that physically connects all the continents on Earth & touches every landmass, yoga philosophy is deeply rooted in the concept of union. Our yoga practice can be likened to the physical connection of the water bodies that emphasise unity, rather than separateness & like Ningaloo can provide a sanctuary for life to thrive.

Our commitment to the environment & sustainability is reflected through all our processes of manufacturing & dyeing. Our blue has been achieved using vege dyes that are non-toxic to you & the earth.