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Red Ochre Mat *Ashtanga & Vinyasa


Comes with complimentary mukha mat strap for between home and studio.

* Designed for Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa

Benefits of the mukha mat

- Environmentally friendly
- 100% biodegradable and are non-toxic and PVC free
- Durable and long lasting high quality
- Excellent cushioning for support of your body and joints
- A fabric-like surface that does not have a ‘plastic’ feel
- Open cell structure for superior grip and traction
- Internal cotton mesh offers perfect rebound
- Extra Long length for wide stretches
- Easy to clean. Simply wipe down with water and damp cloth.
- The regularity of cleaning will depend on your practice

Recommended for

The mukha mats are recommended for any level of yoga practice, from beginners to advanced yogis and teachers. It is ideal for people who are seeking an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC mats. The mukha mat is also recommended for people that enjoy more support for their joints and a higher performance and stability from their mat. This mat is not recommended for people with latex allergies, as natural rubber does contain latex. 

Love & Care

To clean your mukha mat, simply wipe down with a damp cloth. This will restore the colour & texture of your mat.

Colour: Ochre

Length: 183cm

Width: 61cm

Thickness: 5mm

Weight: 2.8kg

@2018 Mukha Yoga mats

Red Ochre Mat *Ashtanga & Vinyasa
Red Ochre Mat *Ashtanga & VinyasaRed Ochre Mat *Ashtanga & VinyasaRed Ochre Mat *Ashtanga & Vinyasa