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Neti Pot


Benefits of the Neti Pot

Recommended for

- improved sinus and nasal health
- relief of dry or congested nasal passages
- ease symptoms of cold, allergies, sinusitis,
headaches and ashtma
- Stainless steel is used for its advantages of being easy to clean for good hygiene, resilient and free from BP

Originating from Ayurvedic/yoga medical tradition and used for thousands of years, the Neti Pot allows a simple and effective way to perform saline nasal cleansing.

Nasal cleansing is popular to use before meditation, yoga practice and pranayama to allow clear, deep breathing through nostrils.

Most often, ear, nose and throat problems originate in the sinus's mucus lining, so regular cleansing can have many health benefits.

Material: Stainless Steel

Width: 14cm

@2018 Mukha Yoga mats

Height: 11cm  

@2018 Mukha Yoga mats

Neti Pot