Inspires by the colours of Australia

Grounding Ancient Australian land

Created by Mukha to experience the grounding energy of the Kimberley region under your feet. Where the turquoise waters meet the red ochre sands, on million year old rock formations. Part of the Australian culture is to explore and find adventure on this ancient land, rich in history. Begin your journey of self-discovery and explore the feeling of being connected to the earth on and off the Mukha mat.

Instant calm and inner peace

The beach envelopes Australia and is an integral part of our beautiful culture. With its surging power and the rhythmical nature of its tides, the ocean’s beauty is cathartic to the soul. Salt water has the ability to transform you as inner calm washes over your senses and the depths of colours ranging from hues of blues and sparkling greens, give instant calm and inner peace. Our beach mats instantly take your mind to the water’s edge, allowing you to reach a blissful meditative state in moments.


Silver limbs with a golden body

Mukha’s Ghost Gum coloured yoga mat is named after an Australian Eucalypt - Ghost Gum - because of it’s luminous silvery bark covered limbs that shine under the moonlight like a ghost of the land. It is a signature tree of the Australian landscape and could be described as one of the friendliest, graceful and magnificent looking trees. They are incredibly hardy and endure a wide range of different climates.The silvery grey and orange create a striking contrast of natural beauty.

Red heart of our land

Our Red Ochre mat reflects one of the most sacred aboriginal sites in Australia, Uluru. In Aboriginal mythology it is believed that Uluru is the Intelligent Snake from the `higher spirit realms` who conjured up a great rainbow down which it slithered to earth. Although Uluru changes it’s colour throughout the day and year, it is mostly known for it’s deep, rich red colour at dawn and sunset. We have brought these colours of red and ochre into our mukha mat to symbolise being grounded, centred and connected to the heart of our land.

Cool, fresh, healing Eucalypt

The colour of healing, our green mats are inspired by the fresh growth of Eucalyptus leaves. The clear, sharp and fresh fragrant oil of Eucalyptus has extensive therapeutic qualities for health and healing. Aborigines call them ‘kino’ and they use the leaves to cover serious wounds. In Greek, the ‘eu’ and ‘kalypto’ means ‘well’ and ‘covered’. Begin your journey to good health and well being on the life giving green mat.